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XIII Copper National Dog Show (CAC)

02.08.2009, Legnickie Pole

Judge: Magdalena Świętoń

Our sweet prince gives us again a lot of joy during the shows.

But first of all he gives us a lot of love - Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara,

Despite the heat he is ready to compete and after long waiting we enter the ring!


Open class: excellent 1

Thank you to the judge.

pict1139.jpg pict1143.jpg pict1147.jpg pict1173.jpg



45 National Dog Show
07.06.2009, Wałbrzych - Książ

Judge: Małgorzata Supronowicz

A successful weekend on the show, we’re very proud! In this sunny and windy day

our prince did his best in Książ Castle. The judge’s opinion:

"Impressive dog with a beautiful long hair, good head expression, straight topline, nice neck,

correct movement"


Open class: excellent, 2 / 3, silver medal

Thank you to the judge.

alt alt


XXVII International Dog Show (CACIB)
25 - 26.04.2009, Opole

Judge: Małgorzata Zakrzewska


Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara on the show again! This time we are nearby – in Opole.

Our little Leo was described by the judge:

"Straight silhouette, good topline, impressive head, long whiskers, perfect angulation and action"


Open class: excellent


Thank you to the judge.

047.jpg 048.jpg pict0860.jpg pict0864.jpg

XXV National Dog Show

08.02.2009, Drzonków

Judge: Magdalena Świętoń

We’re on the show again with our Little Prince Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara.

Leo took the 2nd place in an open class.

We’re happy and proud of him. He presented himself very well, walking beautifully with his head high. The judge’s opinion:

"Elegant dog, nice expression, beautiful topline, good chest, good back, excellent coat quality and colour, good movement"


Open class: excellent 2 / 3, silver medal

Thank you to the judge.

X Winter National Dog Show (CAC)
23 - 25.01.2009, Głogów

Judge: Dorota Witkowska

Our great Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara took part in this show. It was a great and beautiful day.

Little Prince was full of energy and we crossed our fingers – there weren’t a lot of competitors but they were great.

We Won !!! Bravo !!!


The judge’s opinion:

"Good size, proportions and expression. Good head, straight topline. Good movement. Good coat colour and quality"


Open class: excellent 1 / 4, CWC, Gold medal 

Thank you to the judge & to Ania for wonderful photos.

001.jpg 002.jpg 022.jpg dsc04059.jpg dsc_2904a.jpg dsc_2907a.jpg pict0072.jpg pict0079.jpg pict0116.jpg



XVI Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych
27 - 28.09.2008 Wrocław

Judge: Valery Novikov

Another weekend on the show with Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the rings are well prepared.

Wrocław is always lucky when it comes to the weather. A lot of friends here, the atmosphere is great!

Open class: excellent

Thank you to the judge.

alt alt



43 Sudecka National Dog Show (CAC)

08.06.2008, Wałbrzych - Książ

Judge: Małgorzata Lula

Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara on another show. The place is beautiful, close to the castle, amazing views and a friendly atmosphere.

Our Divine Leoś in the eyes of the judge :

"Handsome, nice head, good eyes and ears, well spaced legs, thick coat with a good structure"


Open class: excellent

Thank you to the judge.




8 Barbórkowa National Dog Show (CAC)
01 - 02.12.2007, Nowa Ruda

Judge: Jadwiga Niciewicz

Cameo-Leo Yorex Blue Sansara first time on the show, he’s a bit nervous.

And so are we, thinking about what is going to happen.

So many emotions and impressions, a big amount of competition,  no friends. We’re moved.

And first judge’s opinion:

"Correct silhuette, nice head with a good expression, correct angulation and limb actions"


Open class: excellent

Thank you to the judge.