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47 National Dog Show (CWC)

27.06.2010, Nowa Ruda - Słupiec

Judge: Jaromir Dostal

We spent all day in Nowa Ruda,  where
Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia competed in an open class.


Bravo !!! It’s a Big Surprise !!!


Open class: exc. 1 / 4, CWC, Winner, BOB, BOG 3


Thank you to the judge.

14.jpg cassis cocco choc 003.jpg cassis cocco choc 004.jpg cassis cocco choc 011.jpg pict0359.jpg pict1336.jpg pict1342.jpg pict1345.jpg


I International Dog Show (CACIB)

28 - 30.01.2011, Głogów

Judge: Tomasz Borkowski

We had enormous amount of competition to deal with! Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia was described by the judge as:

"of a good size and a compact build, with a big, feminine head of a good expression, big eyes,
beautiful coat, short but proportional topline, she moves typically, excellent and very well groomed coat, excellent condition and temper"


Open class: exc. 3 / 10

Thank you to the judge.

pict0534.jpg pict0543.jpg so3.jpg



XXIX International Dog Show (CACIB)

24 - 25.04.2010, Opole

Judge: Dorota Kuczyńska Standełło

Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia was described bt the judge as: 

"Impressive and very promising, excellent head and topline, excellent coat quality and colour"


Intermediate class: exc. 3 / 11, bronze medal

Thank you to the judge.

pict0189.jpg pict0191.jpg pict1317.jpg pict1332.jpg pict1332_1.jpg

XXVII National Dog Show (CAC)

07.03.2010, Drzonków

 Judge: Piotr Król

Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia in the eyes of the judge:

" Typical good coat, very well groomed. Medium lenght of neck, gracefully presented both in statics and in the move”

Intermediate class: exc. 3, bronze medal

Thank you to the judge.


dsc04058.jpg pict0164.jpg pict0170.jpg suki_posr.jpg



XVII Internationale Dog Show

26 - 27.09.2009, Wrocław

Judge: Dusan Paunovic

Wrocław never lets us down! The weather is very sunny, the atmosphere is great and there  is a large amount of competition!

Junior class: excellent

Thank you to the judge.

dsc_0435.jpg suki_ml4.jpg suki_ml5 (1).jpg

XIII Cuprates Nationa Dog Show (CAC)

02.08.2009, Legnickie pole

Judge: Magdalena Świętoń

Another challenge for our Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia.
Our star appeared in a junior class, the competition was great again.


Junior class: exc. 3, bronze medal

Thank you to the judge.

140.jpg dsc04060.jpg

45 National Dog Show (CAC)

07.06.2009, Wałbrzych - Książ

Judge: Małgorzata Supronowicz

Our Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia this time took the 2nd place with an excellent mark.

Junior class: exc. 2 / 4, silver medal

Thank you to the judge.

052.jpg 056.jpg

International Dog Show

25.05.2009, Leszno

Judge: Magdalena Kozłowska

This time we went to Leszno. It was great! A lot of friends and a wonderful atmosphere.


Junior class: exc. 3 / 4

Thank you to the judge and Ania & Arek for the photos.

sm3b.jpg sm3c.jpg suki_ml.jpg

X Winter National Dog Show (CAC)

23 - 25.01.2009

Judge: Dorota Witkowska

Our little Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia did her best again.
The judge’s opinion:

"Good size, nice head and topline, moves well, good coat quality"


Puppy class: exc. 1 / 2 very promising, Best puppy in breed

Thank you to the judge & to Anna for cheering us up and for the photos.

dsc04055.jpg dsc_2905a.jpg pict0081.jpg pict0085.jpg pict0091.jpg pict0107.jpg pict0116.jpg pict0130.jpg pict0146.jpg



IX Barbórkowa National Dog Show

06 - 07.12.2008, Nowa Ruda

Judge: Rehanek Peter

The debut of Cassis Cocco Choc Quis Queia, a lot of competitors,
it’s been a long time since we saw so many puppies in the same class.
Our star did her best, she looked excellent in the ring.


Great Success !!! Bravo !!!


The judge’s opinion: " 6 months old, well-built, dark eyes, well carried ears, good chest according to the age, good tailset and carriage, good angulations, good movement"


 pappy class: exc. 1 / 5, Very promising, Best puppy in breed


Thank you to the judge.

DSC04050.JPG PICT0002.jpg PICT0003 (1).jpg PICT0008.jpg PICT0882.jpg PICT0887.jpg